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Lao-Tzu, a famous Chinese Philospher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” A journey story of our restaurant starts back when I was a poor little boy living in a small village in Vietnam.


At that time, like every kids, I also have many happiness, dreams and hopes for my future. One of the most memorable moments of my childhood that kept me thinking about who I am was the time when my friends made fun of my last name. They all thought that my last name “Ngo” was a funny last name because no one has it before. Whoever thought of having “Ngo” for a last name could be a burden for me. But it, in fact, did! I, therefore, also wanted to have a different last name, like Nguyen or Tran so I can fit in with the group.


Like every hard working farmers, my parents have to sweat their brows to be able to give us a decent life with foods and clothings. My mother, one day, told me not to be bothered with what my friends had said about our last name. For her, our last name “Ngo” is a family treasure and that I need to be proud of it. After that day, I began to see that being different and unique are nothing to be shame about. My parents then moved to Czech Republic for a living leaving us back home with our grandparents.


Years went by with many hardships and sufferings, I am now more proud of my family and the things that to most people are impossible. We are proud of what we do with the foods that we serve to our customers. We serve each and every customer with the love and honor of the Ngo’s family.


Hùng Ngô


What people think about us

“I highly recommend this place”

“A friend and I ate at Ngo Restaurant yesterday and we both loved our food. We tried several dishes and everything was delicious. The wait staff was very friendly and prompt and we enjoyed our meal very much in the outdoor seating area but the restaurant is actually quite large with inside seating including a large room in the cellar. I highly recommend this place, easily the best Asian food I’ve eaten in Prague (lived here over a decade).“

Don J.

“One of the best restaurant in Prague”

“One of the best restaurant in Prague. Very delicious food, the staff was really friendly compared to other restaurant staffs in Prague. I recommend this restaurant for everybody, who want to eat a good dinner/lunch :). The prices are also good. “

Csaba B.

“Love this place”

“Everything was perfect – tasty starter, delicious udon noodles and duck. I’m looking forward to come again. Love this place.“

Marika Ch.

“The place was gorgeous”

“The service was amazing, the place was gorgeous. Food is cheap and delicious. Nothing bad here.“

María P. D.

“Well done!”

“Well done! Became one of my favorite asian restaurant in Prague. Great service!“

Natalia D.

“Highly recommended”

“Great food and service! Highly recommended.“

Veronika H.

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